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 V. A._Roll Columbia

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PostSubject: V. A._Roll Columbia   18.04.17 11:33

V. A._Roll Columbia


1. Michael Hurley - Pastures of Plenty
2. Pharis and Jason Romero - Oregon Line (That Oregon Trail)
3. Cahalen Morrison - Lumber Is King
4. Timberbound - Out Past the End of the Line
5. Tony Furtado - Portland Town to Klamath Falls
6. Annalisa Tornfelt and the Tornfelt Sisters - Eleckatricity and All
7. Ben Hunter - Hard Travelin'
8. Carl Allen - Columbia Talkin' Blues (Talking Columbia)
9. Al James - The Talkin' Blues
10. Martha Scanlan - Jackhammer Blues (Jackhammer John)
11. Steve Einhorn - Roll on, Columbia, Roll On
12. Caitlin Belem Romtvedt - The Biggest Thing That Man Has Ever Done (The Great Historical Bum)
13. Orville Johnson - Jackhammer Blues (Jackhammer John)
14. Bill Murlin and Fine Company - Guys on the Grand Coulee Dam
15. Timberbound - Mile An' a Half from Th' End of Th' Line (End of My Line)

1. Caitlin Belem Romtvedt - Columbia's Waters
2. Darrin Craig - Ballad of the Great Grand Coulee (The Grand Coulee Dam)
3. Scott McCaughey - Washington Talkin' Blues
4. Pharis and Jason Romero - It Takes a Married Man to Sing a Worried Song
5. Ben Hunter - Ramblin' Blues (Portland Town)
6. John Moen - New Found Land
7. Cahalen Morrison - White Ghost Train
8. George Rezendes - The Song of the Grand Coulee Dam (Way up in That Northwest)
9. John Moen - A Ramblin' Round
10. Bill Murlin and Fine Company - Roll, Columbia, Roll
11. Scott McCaughey - Grand Coulee Powder Monkey
12. Cahalen Morrison - The Ballad of Jackhammer John
13. Orville Johnson - Pastures of Plenty

MP3 320 kbps.

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V. A._Roll Columbia
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