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PostSubject: OUTLAWS - SPECIAL - ONE HOUR WITH ... OUTLAWS (3CD Box) (2016)   17.04.16 3:32

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320 kbps + folder
407 mb
PART ONE (60:38)
01 - There Goes Another Love Song (From ''OUTLAWS'', 1975) 03:02 (Hughie Thomasson, Monte Yoho)
02 - Song In The Breeze (From ''OUTLAWS'', 1975) 03:03 (Henry Paul)
03 - It Follows From Your Heart (From ''OUTLAWS'', 1975) 05:19 (Billy Jones)
04 - Cry No More (From ''OUTLAWS'', 1975) 04:17 (Billy Jones)
05 - Stay With Me (From ''OUTLAWS'', 1975) 03:28 (Henry Paul)
06 - Green Grass And High Tides (From ''OUTLAWS'', 1975) 09:46 (Hughie Thomasson)
07 - Breaker-Breaker (From ''LADY IN WAITING'', 1976) 02:56 (Hughie Thomasson)
08 - Freeborn Man (From ''LADY IN WAITING'', 1976) 04:48 (Keith Allison, Mark Lindsey)
09 - Stick Around For Rock & Roll (From ''LADY IN WAITING'', 1976) 06:37 (Hughie Thomasson)
10 - Theme From ''Gunsmoke'' (From ''HURRY SUNDOWN'', 1977) 04:16 (Henry Paul, Monte Yoho)
11 - Hurry Sundown (From ''HURRY SUNDOWN'', 1977) 04:04 (Hughie Thomasson)
12 - You Are The Show (From ''PLAYIN' TO WIN'', 1979) 04:51 (Hughie Thomasson)
13 - Falling Rain (From ''PLAYIN' TO WIN'', 1979) 04:05 (Freddie Salem)
PART TWO (60:14)
14 - Long Gone (From ''IN THE EYE OF THE STORM'', 1979) 03:45 (Freddie Salem)
15 - (Ghost) Riders In The Sky (From ''GHOST RIDERS'', 1980) 05:48 (Stan Jones)
16 - Angels Hide (From ''GHOST RIDERS'', 1980) 05:45 (Hughie Thomasson)
17 - Devil's Road (From ''GHOST RIDERS'', 1980) 04:50 (Freddie Salem)
18 - Goodbye (From ''LOS HOMBRES MALOS'', 1982) 04:28 (Freddie Salem)
19 - Back From Eternity (From ''LOS HOMBRES MALOS'', 1982) 04:32 (Hughie Thomasson)
20 - One Last Ride (From ''SOLDIERS OF FORTUNE'', 1986) 04:22 (Randy Bishop, Chuck Glass)
21 - You Are The Show (From ''HITTIN' THE ROAD LIVE!'', 1993) 07:05 (Hughie Thomasson)
22 - Dregs Fall To The Wicked (From ''DIABLO CANYON'', 1994) 05:08 (Cooper, Hughie Thomasson, Tsaerios)
23 - Steam On The Blacktop (From ''DIABLO CANYON'', 1994) 04:44 (Danny Kortchmar, Stan Lynch)
24 - Brother Travis (From ''DIABLO CANYON'', 1994) 04:53 (Manera, Hughie Thomasson, Ronnie Van Zandt)
25 - Alligator Alley (From ''DIABLO CANYON'', 1994) 04:48 (Hughie Thomasson)
PART THREE (56:37)
26 - Ghost Town (From ''SO LOW'', 1999) 04:25 (Jess Leary, Victoria Shaw)
27 - South Street (From ''SO LOW'', 1999) 03:56 (Hughie Thomasson)
28 - Lovers, Gold And Fools (From ''SO LOW'', 1999) 04:14 (Hughie Thomasson)
29 - Mr. Cowboy (From ''SO LOW'', 1999) 04:25 (Cliff Cooper, Hughie Thomasson)
30 - Hearts Run Wild (From ''SO LOW'', 1999) 04:50 (Hughie Thomasson)
31 - Lover's Serenade (From ''SO LOW'', 1999) 04:13 (Hughie Thomasson)
32 - Tomorrow's Another Night (From ''IT'S ABOUT PRIDE'', 2012) 04:17 (Anthony Battaglia, Henry Gross, Henry Paul)
33 - It's About Pride (From ''IT'S ABOUT PRIDE'', 2012) 07:07 (Billy Crain, Henry Paul)
34 - Last Ghost Town (From ''IT'S ABOUT PRIDE'', 2012) 03:31 (Billy Crain)
35 - The Flame (From ''IT'S ABOUT PRIDE'', 2012) 04:26 (Billy Crain, Chris Anderson, Henry Paul)
36 - Trouble Rides A Fast Horse (From ''IT'S ABOUT PRIDE'', 2012) 05:19 (Billy Crain, Billy Montana, Henry Paul)
37 - So Long (From ''IT'S ABOUT PRIDE'', 2012) 05:49 (Henry Paul)
Jason Ankeny

Southern rock unit the Outlaws were formed in Tampa, Florida, in 1972 by singers/guitarists Hughie Thomasson and Henry Paul, bassist Frank O'Keefe, and drummer Monte Yoho. With the 1973 addition of guitarist Billy Jones, the lineup was complete, and after a year of intense touring the band became the first act signed to Arista under Clive Davis; the Outlaws' self-titled 1975 album spotlighted their Eagles-influenced harmonies and Allman Brothers-like guitar attack, yielding the Top 40 hit "There Goes Another Love Song."

Hurry Sundown
In the wake of 1977's Bill Szymczyk-produced Hurry Sundown, both Paul and O'Keefe exited, with guitarist Freddie Salem, bassist Harvey Dalton Arnold, and second drummer David Dix signing on for the 1978 concert set Bring It Back Alive and the studio effort Playin' to Win. The lineup shuffles continued when Arnold announced his departure following 1979's In the Eye of the Storm, with bassist Rick Cua recruited for the next year's Ghost Riders in the Sky, which netted a Top 40 entry with its title track, a rendition of the Vaughn Monroe favorite. Yoho left to rejoin Henry Paul soon after, and with the subsequent exit of Jones, only Thomasson remained from the original Outlaws roster -- not surprisingly, the group disbanded upon completing 1982's Los Hombres Malo.

Soldiers of Fortune
A year later Thomasson and Paul formed a new Outlaws lineup, adding guitarist Chris Hicks, bassist Barry Borden, and drummer Jeff Howell; after issuing 1986's Soldiers of Fortune, Paul again quit the band, with the remaining quartet returning in 1993 with Hittin' the Road. While Paul resurfaced in 1994 in the chart-topping contemporary country band BlackHawk, Thomasson later toured with the re-formed Lynyrd Skynyrd while continuing to lead the Outlaws, releasing So Low in 2000.

Sadly, Jones and O'Keefe died within three weeks of one another in early 1995. In 2005, original members Thomasson, Paul, Yoho, and David Dix reunited as the Outlaws, rounding out the lineup with three members of BlackHawk, guitarist Chris Anderson, bassist Randy Threet, and keyboardist Dave Robbins. Paul and Robbins departed a year later to concentrate again on BlackHawk, while Thomasson, the only original member of the Outlaws to make it through all of the band's configurations, kept things going, reportedly finishing a new studio album, Once an Outlaw, before his death from a heart attack in 2007.

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PostSubject: Re: OUTLAWS - SPECIAL - ONE HOUR WITH ... OUTLAWS (3CD Box) (2016)   30.08.16 22:07

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PostSubject: Re: OUTLAWS - SPECIAL - ONE HOUR WITH ... OUTLAWS (3CD Box) (2016)   09.11.16 16:12

Thank you !
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PostSubject: Re: OUTLAWS - SPECIAL - ONE HOUR WITH ... OUTLAWS (3CD Box) (2016)   

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