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 Rare Oldie Collection 26 (2015)

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PostSubject: Rare Oldie Collection 26 (2015)    06.01.16 4:24

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2015 | VA | MP3 | 128-320 kbps | Joint-Stereo | 1,09 GB
Genre: Oldies, Pop, Rock, Jazz, Blues, Soul, etc

Albert Hammond - Mi Album De Recuerdos (1977)

01. Albert Hammond - Estrellita.mp3
02. Albert Hammond - Mi Album De Recuerdos.mp3
03. Albert Hammond - Eres Toda Una Mujer.mp3
04. Albert Hammond - Enredao.mp3
05. Albert Hammond - Daniela.mp3
06. Albert Hammond - Ella.mp3
07. Albert Hammond - Si Me Amaras.mp3
08. Albert Hammond - Rio De Amor.mp3
09. Albert Hammond - Me Hace Falta Que Me Quieras.mp3
10. Albert Hammond - Un Dia Mejor.mp3
11. Albert Hammond - Terminado.mp3

Ashra - Correlations (1979)


BADGER - One Live Badger (1973)

01 Wheel of Fortune.mp3
02 Fountain.mp3
03 Wind of Change.mp3
04 River.mp3
05 The Preacher.mp3
06 On the Way Home.mp3

Bobby Whitlock - Rock Your Socks Off (1976)

01 - Why Does Love Got To Be So Sad.mp3
02 - If You Only Knew Me.mp3
03 - Sweet Mother's Fun.mp3
04 - The Second Time Around.mp3
05 - Brand New Song.mp3
06 - Bottom Of The Bottle.mp3
07 - (It's Been A) Long Long Time.mp3
08 - Make It Through The Night.mp3

Chambers Brothers - The Time Has Come-1967

01 - Chamber Brothers - All Strung Out Over You.mp3
02 - Chamber Brothers - People Get Ready.mp3
03 - Chamber Brothers - I Can't Stand It.mp3
04 - Chamber Brothers - Romeo and Juliet.mp3
05 - Chamber Brothers - In the Midnight Hour.mp3
06 - Chamber Brothers - So Tired.mp3
07 - Chamber Brothers - Uptown.mp3
08 - Chamber Brothers - Please Don't Leave Me.mp3
09 - Chamber Brothers - What The World Needs Now Is Love.mp3
10 - Chamber Brothers - Time Has Come Today (Maxi).mp3
11 - Chamber Brothers - Dinah.mp3
12 - Chamber Brothers - Falling In Love.mp3
13 - Chamber Brothers - Love Me Like The Rain.mp3
14 - Chamber Brothers - Time Has Come Today (Single).mp3

David Bowie - Space Oddity (1969)

01. David Bowie - Space Oddity.mp3
02. David Bowie - Unwashed and Somewhat Slightly Dazed.mp3
03. David Bowie - (Don't Sit Down).mp3
04. David Bowie - Letter to Hermione.mp3
05. David Bowie - Cygnet Committee.mp3
06. David Bowie - Janine.mp3
07. David Bowie - An Occasional Dream.mp3
08. David Bowie - Wild Eyed Boy From Freecloud.mp3
09. David Bowie - God Knows I'm Good.mp3
10. David Bowie - Memory Of A Free Festival.mp3

Doug Sahm - Doug Sahm And Band (1973)

01.Doug Sahm - (Is Anybody Going To) San Antone.mp3
02.Doug Sahm - It's Gonna Be Easy.mp3
03.Doug Sahm - Your Friends.mp3
04.Doug Sahm - Poison Love.mp3
05.Doug Sahm - Wallflower.mp3
06.Doug Sahm - Dealer's Blues.mp3
07.Doug Sahm - Faded Love.mp3
08.Doug Sahm - Blues Stay Away From Me.mp3
09.Doug Sahm - Papa Ain't Salty.mp3
10.Doug Sahm - Me And Paul.mp3
11.Doug Sahm - Don't Turn Around.mp3
12.Doug Sahm - I Get Off.mp3

Dr. John - Babylon (1969)

03-Black Widow Spider.mp3
04-Barefoot Lady.mp3
05-Twilight Zone.mp3
06-The Patriotic Flag-Waiver.mp3
07-The Lonesome Guitar Strangler.mp3

The Association - The Association-1969

01-Look At Me, Look At You.mp3
02-Yes, I Will.mp3
03-Love Affair.mp3
04-The Nest.mp3
05-What Were The Words.mp3
06-Are You Ready.mp3
07-Dubuque Blues.mp3
08-Under Branches.mp3
09-I Am Up For Europe.mp3
11-Goodbye Forever.mp3
12-Boy On The Mountain.mp3
13-Just About The Same (Stereo 45).mp3
14-Six Man Band (Mono 45).mp3
15-Enter The Young (Withdrawn 1968 45).mp3
16-Yes, I Will (Mono 45).mp3
17-Are You Ready (Mono 45).mp3
18-Dubuque Blues (Mono 45).mp3
19-Under Branches (Mono 45).mp3
20-I Am Up For Europe (Mono 45).mp3
21-Look At Me, Look At You (Mono 45).mp3
22-Boy On The Mountain (Mono Mix).mp3

The Creation - How Does It Feel To Feel 1964-68 (1990)

01-How Does It Feel To Feel.mp3
02-Life Is Just Beginning.mp3
03-Through My Eyes.mp3
04-Ostrich Man.mp3
05-I Am The Walker.mp3
06-Tom Tom.mp3
07-The Girls Are Naked.mp3
08-Painter Man.mp3
09-Try And Stop Me.mp3
10-Biff Bang Pow.mp3
11-Making Time.mp3
12-Cool Jerk.mp3
13-For All That I Am.mp3
15-Midway Down.mp3
16-Can I Join Your Band.mp3
17-Uncle Bert.mp3
18-Like A Rolling Stone.mp3
19-If I Stay Too Long.mp3
20-Hey Joe.mp3

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PostSubject: Re: Rare Oldie Collection 26 (2015)    31.08.16 21:13

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Rare Oldie Collection 26 (2015)
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