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 The Graham Bond Organisation - Wade in the Water (4CD Box) (2014)

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PostSubject: The Graham Bond Organisation - Wade in the Water (4CD Box) (2014)   22.12.15 4:27

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DISC ONE (77:08)
1 Roll ’Em Pete (Previously Unreleased) (Remastered) 01:44
2 Cabbage Greens (Version 1) Previously Unreleased (Remastered) 02:24
3 Baby What You Want Me to Do (Previously Unreleased) (Remastered) 02:07
4 I Saw Her Standing There (Version 1 - Alternative Take) (Remastered) 02:30
5 Shake, Rattle and Roll (Remastered) 04:13
6 What'd I Say (Version 1) (Remastered) 04:55
7 I Got a Woman (Remastered) 02:54
8 I Saw Her Standing There (Version 2 - Master Take) (Remastered) 02:31
9 Farewell Baby (Version 1 - Alternative Take) (Remastered) 01:54
10 Farewell Baby (Version 2 - Master Take) (Remastered) 02:01
11 Slippin’ & Slidin' (Previously Unreleased) (Remastered) 02:37
12 Spanish (Aka 'Spanish Blues’) Version 1 Previously Unreleased (Remastered) 02:22
13 Untitled Abbey Road Blues Instrumental (Previously Unreleased) (Remastered) 05:10
14 It's Happening (Previously Unreleased) (Remastered) 02:09
15 Wade in the Water (Version 1) (Remastered) 02:31
16 Swing-a-Ling (Part I) (Remastered) 02:05
17 Swing-a-Ling (Part 2) (Remastered) 02:22
18 Just a Little Walk (Part I) (Remastered) 02:31
19 Just a Little Walk (Part 2) (Remastered) 02:48
20 So-Ho (Remastered) 04:49
21 Say When (Part I) Previously Unreleased (Remastered) 02:16
22 Say When (Part 2) Previously Unreleased (Remastered) 02:35
23 Cabbage Greens (Version 2) Previously Unreleased (Remastered) 03:03
24 Long Legged Baby (Version 1) Previously Unreleased (Remastered) 02:42
25 Hoochie Coochie Man (Version 1) Previously Unreleased (Remastered) 04:02
26 Wade in the Water (Version 2) Previously Unreleased (Remastered) 05:42


DISC TWO (77:03)
1 Green Onions (Version 1) Previously Unreleased (Remastered) 03:52
2 High Heeled Sneakers (Version 1) Previously Unreleased (Remastered) 03:53
3 Honey Bee (Previously Unreleased) (Remastered) 05:13
4 Long Tall Shorty (Version 1) (Remastered) 02:25
5 Long Legged Baby (Version 2) (Remastered) 02:17
6 Hoochie Coochie Man (Version 2) (Remastered) 02:47
7 Strut Around (Remastered) 02:38
8 High Heeled Sneakers (Version 2) (Remastered) 02:57
9 Little Girl (Version 1) (Remastered) 02:40
10 Wade in the Water (Version 3) (Remastered) 02:38
11 Harmonica (Remastered) 02:51
12 Half a Man (Stereo Remix) (Remastered) 02:07
13 Keep A-Drivin' (Stereo Remix) (Remastered) 02:03
14 What Am I Living For? (Stereo Remix) Previously Unreleased (Remastered) 02:11
15 Neighbour Neighbour (Stereo Remix) (Remastered) 02:40
16 Spanish Blues (Version 2 - Master Take - Stereo Remix) (Remastered) 03:05
17 Spanish Blues (Version 3 - Alternative Take - Stereo Remix) [Previously Unreleased][Remastered] 03:05
18 Tammy (Stereo Remix) (Remastered) 02:49
19 I Want You (Stereo Remix) (Remastered) 01:43
20 Wade in the Water (Version 4 - Stereo Remix) (Remastered) 02:48
21 Early in the Morning (Stereo Remix) (Remastered) 01:49
22 Baby Make Love to Me (Stereo Remix) (Remastered) 01:52
23 Baby Be Good to Me (Stereo Remix) (Remastered) 02:36
24 Got My Mojo Working (Stereo Remix) (Remastered) 03:11
25 Train Time (Stereo Remix) (Remastered) 02:26
26 Little Girl (Version 2 - Stereo Remix) (Remastered) 02:16
27 Oh Baby (Stereo Remix) (Remastered) 02:42
28 Hoochie Coochie Man (Version 3 - Stereo Remix) (Remastered) 03:15


DISC THREE (77:04)
1 Tell Me (I'm Gonna Love Again) (Remastered) 02:51
2 Love Comes Shining Through (Remastered) 02:04
3 Please Don't Say (Remastered) 02:50
4 Like a Baby (Remastered) 02:25
5 Walking in the Park (Stereo Remix) (Remastered) 03:48
6 Don’t Let Go (Remix) (Remastered) 02:43
7 My Heart's in Little Pieces (Stereo Remix) (Remastered) 03:24
8 The Night Time Is the Right Time (Remix) (Remastered) 03:00
9 What'd I Say (Version 2 - Remix) (Remastered) 04:16
10 Have You Ever Loved a Woman (Remix) (Remastered) 04:51
11 Who's Afraid of Virginia Woolf (Stereo Remix) (Remastered) 02:05
12 Hear Me Calling Your Name (Stereo Remix) (Remastered) 02:57
13 Last Night (Stereo Remix) (Remastered) 03:03
14 Baby Can It Be True (Stereo Remix) (Remastered) 05:07
15 Dick's Instrumental (Stereo Remix) (Remastered) 02:35
16 Camels and Elephants (Stereo Remix) (Remastered) 04:44
17 Lease on Love (Stereo Remix) (Remastered) 03:01
18 Cold Rain (Stereo Remix) Previously Unreleased (Remastered) 02:55
19 Positive Aka Hhck Blues (Version 1 - Master Take - Remix) [Previously Unreleased][Remastered] 02:42
20 Positive Aka Hhck Blues (Version 2 - Alternative Take) [Previously Unreleased][Remastered] 02:57
21 When Johnny Comes Marching Home (Stereo Remix) Previously Unreleased (Remastered) 01:33
22 Good Good Loving (Stereo Remix) Previously Unreleased (Remastered) 03:48
23 Only Sixteen (Stereo Remix) Previously Unreleased (Remastered) 03:33
24 St. James Infirmary (Remastered) 03:39


DISC FOUR (76:47)
1 Soul Tango (Remastered) 03:15
2 Wade in the Water (Version 5) (Remastered) 03:59
3 Down in the Valley (Previously Unreleased) (Remastered) 03:48
4 Waltz for a Pig (Remastered) 02:27
5 Wade in the Water (Version 6) Previously Unreleased (Remastered) 03:25
6 You've Gotta Have Love Babe (Version 1 - Demo) Previously Unreleased (Remastered) 02:54
7 You've Gotta Have Love Babe (Version 2) (Remastered) 02:33
8 I Love You (Remastered) 02:54
9 Wade in the Water (Version 7 - Live) Previously Unreleased (Remastered) 06:23
10 Long Tall Shorty (Version 2 - Live) Previously Unreleased (Remastered) 07:17
11 Queen of Hearts (Live) Previously Unreleased (Remastered) 06:04
12 Alcoholic Blues (Live) Previously Unreleased (Remastered) 04:11
13 Green Onions (Version 2 - Live) Previously Unreleased (Remastered) 02:56
14 High Heeled Sneakers (Version 3 - Live) Previously Unreleased (Remastered) 06:29
15 The First Time I Met the Blues (Live) Previously Unreleased (Remastered) 05:43
16 Little Girl (Version 3 - Live) Previously Unreleased (Remastered) 05:21
17 Stormy Monday (Live) Previously Unreleased (Remastered) 06:08
18 What'd I Say (Version 3 - Live) Previously Unreleased (Remastered) 00:52


Thom Jurek
Repertoire has established a fine reputation for quality reissues of classic recordings from the 1960s and '70s. That said, this box set by the Graham Bond Organisation sets a new standard even for them. Containing four discs and 96 tracks from early 1963 through 1967, this collection includes previously unreleased material -- a great example is disc one's first cut, "Roll 'Em Pete," recorded for EMI in early February of 1963 by the Graham Bond Trio with Ginger Baker and Jack Bruce, as well as the first version of their standard "Cabbage Greens," with the Velvettes as the female backing chorus. What's notable about these sides is how assured they are: the group had just recently left Alexis Korner's Blues Incorporated less than a month before and had played exactly one gig. Disc one moves forward with the band savagely backing R&B vocalist Duffy Power and later, guitarist Ernest Ranglin as the G.B.'s. in early 1964. None of this material is filler; it is all quality. John McLaughlin joined the band briefly, making it the Graham Bond Quartet, and after being fired by Baker, the great saxophonist Dick Heckstall-Smith entered the fold, making the legendary "Organisation" complete. Bruce and Baker, and even Heckstall-Smith, would leave eventually as well, but the excellent meld of blues, R&B, rock, and jazz (check the amazing hard rock, free jazz freakout in the blues jam, "I Love You," from 1967 -- and it all takes place in under three minutes) would roll on for another year-and-a-half or so. These four discs are loaded with live tracks, alternate takes, unreleased demos, live sides, and even an entire gig from 1964 to close out the last disc. Wade in the Water: Classics, Origins & Oddities is not a mere odds and sods collection, but a deep, well-rounded portrait of the band from its beginnings at EMI to its glory years at Decca to Columbia and its eventual dissolution in 1967. The influence of these sides on British music cannot be overstated. It would inform not only the British blues scene, but its R&B and rock scenes, both at the time and in the future. One can hear Bond's influence on everyone from the Who and Georgie Fame, to the latter-era Jam and Paul Weller's solo material, the James Taylor Quartet, and the acid jazz scene in general. The notes are beautifully annotated, with a solid intro by producer Pete Brown, who, along with Heckstall-Smith, did a fine job remixing and remastering the material.


Richie Unterberger
An important, underappreciated figure of early British R&B, Graham Bond is known in the U.S., if at all, for heading the group that Jack Bruce and Ginger Baker played in before they joined Cream. Originally an alto sax jazz player -- in fact, he was voted Britain's New Jazz Star in 1961 -- he met Bruce and Baker in 1962 after joining Alexis Koerner's Blues Incorporated, the finishing school for numerous British rock and blues musicians. By the time he, Bruce, and Baker split to form their own band in 1963, Bond was mostly playing the Hammond organ, as well as handling the lion's share of the vocals. John McLaughlin was a member of the Graham Bond Organization in the early days for a few months, and some live material that he recorded with the group was eventually issued after most of their members had achieved stardom in other contexts. Saxophonist Dick Heckstall-Smith completed Bond's most stable lineup, who cut a couple of decent albums and a few singles in the mid-'60s.

In their prime, the Graham Bond Organization played rhythm & blues with a strong jazzy flavor, emphasizing Bond's demonic organ and gruff vocals. The band arguably would have been better served to feature Bruce as their lead singer -- he is featured surprisingly rarely on their recordings. Nevertheless, their best records were admirably tough British R&B/rock/jazzsoul, and though Bond has sometimes been labeled as a pioneer of jazz-rock, in reality it was much closer to rock than jazz. The band performed imaginative covers and fairly strong original material, and Bond was also perhaps the very first rock musician to record with the Mellotron synthesizer. Hit singles, though, were necessary for British bands to thrive in the mid-'60s, and Bond's group began to fall apart in 1966, when Bruce and Baker joined forces with Eric Clapton to form Cream. Bond attempted to carry on with the Organization for a while with Heckstall-Smith and drummer Jon Hiseman, both of whom went on to John Mayall's Bluesbreakers and Colosseum.

Bond never recaptured the heights of his work with the Organization. In the late '60s he moved to the U.S., recording albums with musicians including Harvey Brooks, Harvey Mandel, and Hal Blaine. Moving back to Britain, he worked with Ginger Baker's Airforce, the Jack Bruce Band, and Cream lyricist Pete Brown, as well as forming the band Holy Magick, who recorded a couple albums. Bond's demise was more tragic than most: he developed serious drug and alcohol problems and an obsession with the occult, and it has even been posthumously speculated (in the British Bond biography Mighty Shadow) that he sexually abused his stepdaughter. He committed suicide by throwing himself into the path of a London Underground train in 1974.


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The Graham Bond Organisation - Wade in the Water (4CD Box) (2014)
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